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Still a Need for News

by Dave Atkins

The right column of WestwoodBlog has included a "newsfeed aggregator" since its inception, but I think this is one item I'll remove. I set up an automated script to pull in newsfeeds from all the local media I could find, filter for mention of "Westwood" and then display the links. That's why you see links to Patch and Westwood Press. There used to be links to Wicked Local and the Hometown Weekly but the feeds did not always work. YourTown--from a Westwood section too and loaded feeds from this blog. And now there is another site, CommonPlace, that seems to provide a lot of the value this blog provided.

But I'm still not seeing much news that I care about. As these "hyperlocal" sites discovered, it is very hard to fill the pages every day with something new, and sooner or later, we end up with articles about other towns or data-based stories that just don't make sense (Do you wonder what part of Walpole has more Gen-X moms?). I think I'll replace the newsfeed with a box summarizing links to these other sites.

What I think matters here is more specific stuff...maybe a video of the upcoming Cub Scout rocket launch. And I would like to provide some updates about things like the Pedestrian and Bike Committee...little details like how and why the fog lines (white lines) on Gay Street between Thatcher and High Street were repainted to be exactly 11 feet from the center instead of the 11 1/2-12+ feet they are in other sections. I hear there is a video of a truck being disassembled by the East Street Bridge; if I can find that, I will post it here.

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