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Sharrows on Gay Street

by Dave Atkins

What are these strange new lines I am seeing on the newly-paved portion of Gay Street?

They're "sharrows," a type of shared lane marking (based on the words "share" and "arrow") intended to encourage bikes and cars to share the road. They ARE NOT speed bumps or warnings that drivers should attempt to avoid. But what's missing from this picture? Answer: the bike symbol! Apparantly the bike symbol is a $400 thermoplastic decal. The Ped Bike Committee is asking the DPW to consider stenciling the bikes to avoid confusion and also to post "share the road" signs.

I had a chance to ride up and down Gay Street today as I inquired about reappointment to the committee. Of course I also had an excuse to make use of the bike rack that has been in front of Town Hall for about 4 years now since the first MAPC grant-funded racks were installed in Westwood. Now, they are everywhere...the old dishrack style racks next to Thurston Middle School are gone and the newer green racks are multiplying at locations all over town.

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