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More Changes

by Dave Atkins

I had a little time tonight to take a look at the blog and play around with some things, but now it is kind of a visual mess. I think there's value in getting this started again, so bear with the appearance for awhile!

If you know anyone looking to move to Westwood who would like to rent a house...please encourage them to rent our house–it's been rented already! We expected to rent here for a year or more while we searched for a house and settled back into the community. Things have moved a lot faster than we planned, and we expect to be moving into our permanent home on Parker Street by Thanksgiving! So we kind of need to find someone to lease this house we signed a one-year lease for...

It's a great location here behind the School Street playground, on a dead-end street and only a 10-minute walk to the commuter rail.

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