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Dave Atkins for Housing Authority

by Dave Atkins

As a Westwood resident who has bought and rented multiple times--and recently helped my Mom find housing in Norwood--I am familiar with the affordability challenges of living in Westwood. When I helped my Mom, I researched the housing options for a senior citizen on a limited fixed income. She emailed me once suggesting she could move into a rooming house in Lynn since there was nothing else she could afford any closer. I talked to the housing authorities in Dedham and Norwood and to everyone I knew who had been faced with this challenge. We did find an apartment in Norwood and it has worked out great for her. But I would like to see if there is anything I can do to make a difference for people who can't afford to live in Westwood. I don't expect that if I am elected to the Housing Authority, I will magically transform the world. But I'd like to bring my experiences to bear and learn more about what we can do in this town to make it easier for people to live here.